Tuesday, June 14, 2011

How to Send Money via PayPal

Paypal Account : Sending money via PayPal is a streamlined process. The eBay-owned company makes it easy to pay for auction purchases and send money to pay for other services too. Whether you're a business owner needing to send payroll via PayPal or an individual user who needs to send money to someone quickly, PayPal offers a number of options to make it happen.

Send Money via PayPal
1 Confirm the email address of the party to whom you wish to send      money via PayPal.
2 Log in to your PayPal account and make sure you have the necessary funds.
3 Click the "Send Money" tab on your Account Overview page and choose the appropriate sub-tab, either    "Pay Anyone" or "Pay for eBay Items." If you choose "Pay for eBay Items," you will be brought to a screen that lists all your recent eBay purchases from which you can choose the one you wish to pay.
4 Enter the email address where you wish to send money, or select a previously used address from the drop-down menu.
5 Input the amount of money you want to send and select the appropriate currency in which to send it. PayPal 6 Choose the type of payment you are making. You can send money via PayPal for eBay items, purchases from other auction sites, non-auction purchases, services received or as a cash advance not related to a purchase or service.
7 Click the "Continue" button and review the payment details on the next page.
8 Choose a payment method other than your available PayPal funds by clicking on the "Funding Options" link. If you don't have enough money in your PayPal account and have a bank account associated with it, you have the option of sending money from your bank account in the form of an e-check, credit card or debit card.
9 Click the "Continue" button and add an optional message to your recipient.
10 Complete your payment by clicking on the "Send Payment" button.
11 Check your email for a message confirming that your payment has been sent.

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Thursday, November 25, 2010


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Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Full Clove Cigarettes - All prices are including shipping costs and your order are delivered through International Post with Express Mail Service (EMS) (estimated arrival time 3 - 14 business days). You will be provided with EMS Tracking Number so you can always track your order shipment.
Please note that Express Mail Service (EMS) is only available for the following 53 countries as listed below. For the rest of the world the only option is Registered Airmail with estimated arrival time 2 - 4 weeks.

All Clove Cigarettes using diffrent packing and shipping method for: Australia, Austria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, New Zealand and Switzerland. We split your package, If you order more than a slof without additional shipping cost charged. this mean we packing one slof per parcel for you.
Please remember that you must mention your complete a valid shipping address while registering and placing orders. If the address is incomplete, you may not qualify for a refund as we are helpless in case of refund claims for orders which show incomplete shipping address. Always double check your postal code, city, state, street name, and building number. The more descriptive address you give, the less the trouble you would face at the time of delivery.
All orders will be dispatched after our payment processor has notified us of the purchase. All delivery dates are given in good faith and delays are the responsibility of the courier or the post service used. Confirmation of any loss by the courier or by the post can only be verified after a period of thirty days after dispatch.
The parcels are collected by Indonesian Post at 10 a.m. West Indonesian Time (UTC/GMT +7). Orders received after 10 a.m. are sent on the next business day. Orders received on Saturdays, Sundays and Indonesian public Holidays are sent on the first working day following reception.
For more information about shipping or order inquiries please e-mail our online 24 hours customer support at komang.erick@gmail.com or via phone please call us at +62-81999-052889.

EMS Online Tracking
You can track online your parcel shipped via EMS website or contact your local post office. Please note that before your parcel get into the customs of your country, the tracking is possible only from the Indonesian Post Office.
Delivery Time
The package will arrive within 3 - 14 business days, depend on the destination, for express shipping. Please notice that in some rare occasions it may take 21 - 28 business days. And 10 - 28 business days for regular shipping.

All of your package is carefully packed and sealed in a specially designed box to ensure your product that's no damage and safe..Please be advised that if you use forwarding address, the delivery time can take longer.
For express shipping, you will be provided with tracking number and you could always monitoring to see what really happens to your package at your government post office.

Clove Cigarettes : Sampoerna - Gudang Garam - Bentoel - Djarum -
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Djarum is another traditional kretek manufacturer with many fine products and have many idiosyncrasy. Djarum kretek have difference on strength, both strong taste and aroma nipping. Manufactured in Kudus city of Central Java and have branches in other regions, aslike East Java and Madura. As a big company, in this time Djarum have their own tobacco garden property. Equally, they always apply assorted clove from all Indonesia regions. Besides, its mascot of Djarum 76 and Brown Djarum, since 70s year produced filter cigarettes with modern quality. Some its subsidiary company also produce good brands, aslike Mr.Brown and Warung Kopi. Strength of international Market now is mastered by Djarum BLACK and LA Light.
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Bentoel is a traditional Kretek manufacturer since the thirties of the past century. Bentoel is actually the name of the root of the cassava plant. The Founder was before not very successful with his former clove cigarette brands and only after dreaming of a "bentoel" a holy man told him to rebrand his clove cigarettes under this name.The Manufacturer has a fine aromatised Kretek, the clove content gives a slight spicy and fruity aroma. Driven by innovation, Bentoel started to buy machines in 1968 to produce machine made clove cigarettes. It took them six years to get the clove content right to achieve there characteristic taste in filtered clove cigarettes. Filtered clove cigarettes before that time have been handmade Kretek whereas the filter was attached by hand during the rolling process. The first produced machine-made kretek was Bentoel"Inter Biru".
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Sampoerna Cigarettes

In 1913, Sampoerna was founded and started its success story with the unfiltered Cigarette version of DJI SAM SOE, until today one of the finest tobacco and clove combinations in the market. Equal in quality is the second unfiltered Sampoerna Kretek. Sampoerna believed always in quality and modernization and started with machine made filtered cigarettes as well. The modern filtered Cigarettes are well known for its "A International" and "A MILD", very well rounded tobacco/clove combinations with mild tobacco and sweet cloves made their way to succes. Kretek quality to its highest build on the oldest Kretek traditions
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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Djarum Black Cappuccino Clove Cigarettes

The most popular subbrand of Djarum cigarettes (internationally at least), Djarum Black, is sold in black and original packaging. Each cigarette is rolled in black paper. They are sold in flat, skinny packs of twenty cigarettes, rows of ten across and two deep (as are nearly all other internationally sold Djarum products). The package bears an embossed Djarum gramaphone stylus logo, and a stylized red "A" in the word "Black". Blacks are a medium potency cigarette, comparable with "Medium" flavor cigarettes of many other common brands like Marlboro, though their tastes are dissimilar, attributable to the Asian "Srintil" versus American tobacco and
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